Array ( [lang] => en [alias] => how-participate ) How to Participate?


Only 5 steps to participate



Any entity intending to participate is required to fill in Registration Form. The participants must first provide information about them and entity (profile, type of entity, sectors of intervention, country…).

Moreover, they need to describe their former experiences in project’s implementation and management, in climate change adaptation, in the water sector, etc. Any experience that is relevant to water adaptation needs to be described.


Our Platform is open to :

  • Public Institutions ;
  • Private Establishments ;
  • Non-Governmental Organizations ;
  • Partnerships ;
  • Research and Development Institutions ;
  • Individuals.

Other structures may participate if they have an interest and experience in climate change adaptation related to the water sector.

Registration validation

All registration applications will be reviewed and validated by the help desk administrator, based on specific criteria. It is an intermediary step, which will allow the selected candidates to move on to the next step.

Every validated participant will receive a confirmation email with a login and a temporary password to allow  him access project submittal step..


Any participant with a sound project concept is required to fill in the project form (see Form). The participants should thoroughly describe their projects, based on the different sections in the form. The participant should submit the project concept before a specific deadline, otherwise their proposal will not be taken into account.
This can be done through different online sessions. However, once submitted, changes cannot be made, unless additional requests are made by the help desk team.
During this step, participants can send request assistance from the help desk team.


After receiving project concept notes, the administrator (i.e., evaluation committee) will evaluate each form carefully and assess every single project concept note. During the evaluation, participants might be requested by email by the platform administrator to provide additional information in order to complete the evaluation.


Once the deadline is over and the evaluations completed, the selected project concepts will be published on the plateform, and an e-mail will be sent to the selected participants.

At this stage, exchanges between support team and participants through the platform will take place in order to improve proposals and reach the final versions. To develop further the projects, the participants will be requested at this stage to supply additional documents like feasibility studies, technical reports, photos, etc., through the platform.