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About the Help Desk

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammena rbeit (GIZ) is implementing a Arabe regional programme, entitled “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector in the MENA Region Programme (ACCWaM)”, with the aim to improve the capacity of water management institutions in the region to adapt to climate change. The ACCWaM programme is implemented in cooperation with the Arab League’s (LAS), the Arab Ministerial Water Council (AMWC), the United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the Arab Centre for the Study of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD).

ACCWaM is contributing to strengthen regional water governance in the Arab region. Additionally, ACCWaM supports the national water institutions, the private sector and civil society. It also supports the creation and sharing of regional knowledge on water and climate change with ESCWA, and backs up the introduction of an innovative climate change adaptation measures in the region with ACSAD and the water ministries.

In order to support the Arab region’s countries in their climate finance readiness, the GIZ-ACCWaM regional programme, in cooperation with the climate change consultancy Enviro Consulting International (ECI), have initiated the present online interactivehelp desk , to provide reliable information to government and non-government stakeholders (NGOs, Academia, public and private sectors, etc.) with three main objectives:

  • Provide information on climate finance and on water adaptation in the Arabe region: On the one hand, the platform contains information on climate finance evolution, the global architecture, current situation in the Arab region, etc.  On the other, it presents the vulnerability of the region to climate change and the existing adaptation approaches;
  • Build institutional and individual capacities in resource mobilization to respond to climate change challenges in the water sector ;
  • Assist participants to develop bankable project proposals to appropriate funding mechanisms.


Given their experiences, the GIZ-ACCWaM and ECI will work together in order to evaluate and identify the ideal projects’ concept for additional support.